Upcoming Events for Stone Pelican Rolling Cafe

Weekly menu is on our Facebook page.   September 27th: American Heart Association Heartwalk – Voinovich Park, 11-1

September 28th: Akron Pop Up Shop @ Akron Art Museum 11-5P / Free admission to the museum

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Farmers Market

On Wednesday, September 1oth we will be serving dinner at the Tuscarawas Valley Farmer’s Market located at the Tuscarwaras County Fairgrounds in Dover. You can get some great dinner and fresh vegetables from the local farmers.

The USDA estimates that more than one million people visit Farmers Markets each week. More than 20,000 farmers use Farmers Markets to sell directly to consumers.  This is a great Farmer’s Market if you have not been there. It’s filled with Amish farmers’ fresh produce. They even accept Ohio Direction cards.

Our Farmers Market Menu

We will be serving black angus burgers, jalapeño burgers, kimchi burgers, black and blue burgers, Western burgers and cheddar burgers.

Farmers Market

Photo credit kconnors

We will also have our fresh, hand cut fries and onion rings. Plus, we will have a special treat – deep fried corn on the cob!

Fun Food Facts

Lettuce is a member of the sunflower family

Lettuce is the second most popular fresh vegetable in the US

Apples are members of the rose family

Pumpkins were once recommended for curing snake bites and removing freckles

Americans eat 900% more broccoli than we did in the 1980s

Fun Facts About Shopping Local

The average meal in the U.S. travels 1500 miles to get from farm to plate.

When you shop chain stores only 16 cent of your dollar stays in town locally. When you shop local, like at the Farmers Market, the majority of your dollar goes right to the farmer.

Did you know that food and agriculture, the top industry in Ohio, adds $105 billion to the economy

The food and agriculture industry and employs 1 of 7 people in Ohio

There are 75,000 farms in Ohio, most run by families

Ohio ranks #1 in the production of Swiss Cheese

Ohio ranks #2 in egg production

Ohio ranks #3 in tomatoes AND pumpkins

Ohio ranks #4 in the number Farmers Markets

Ohio ranks #5 in bell peppers

Fun Facts About Dover

Dover was once the only canal stop in the region

Dover’s heyday was the Victorian Era and it continues to preserve Victorian-era buildings

It is home to the Warther Museum, if you have never seen the carvings and buttons, check it out

The Tusc County Fair starts September 15, 2014 (next Monday)



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Weekend in the Pumpkin Patch

This weekend we will be rolling over to Walsh Farms and the pumpkin patch. Located on Grill Rd just off Rt 21 in northern Wayne County, Walsh Farms has the best pumpkins around.

Menu this weekend: fish tacos, wraps, grilled cheese, hot cider and pumpkin rolls.

Walsh Farms Pumpkin Patch

Locally owned, family business, Walsh Farms has tons of fun activities for all ages. Hayrides, paintball, Pumpkin Train and our favorite, a corn maze, not to mention a great deal on pumpkins for all! Get a wheelbarrow full for $20.

Stone Pelican Backstory

Here’s how we got this far: As I was perusing Craig’s List one day I saw Malanga Cafe’s ad for a food truck. The fact that we are in Norton Ohio and Malanga Cafe was in Miami did not deter us since Judy’s dad, a former restaurant supply dealer, lives in Ft. Lauderdale. So we sent the old guy off to check it out for us. It is a 1999 Freightliner, whose former life involved working for DHL and another food truck before Malanga. The Don said it looked clean and he also thought this was a great business idea.

And then we jumped off the cliff. Literally.

Home equity line of credit signed, sealed, delivered and off I went to Miami. 1200 miles later I was back in Norton. Luckily the drive up 95 was uneventful and I even got to see my folks in Tennessee along the way. And it was less than $500 of gas to get back, even with the side trip.

We had a “soft” opening even before we changed the wrap on the truck. We invited friends, family and neighbors over to test out the menu items. We ironed out a few kinks in our coordination inside the truck (its small in there you know!) Everyone loved the menu and so we had to get moving on our logo and truck wrap.

So come on over to Walsh Farms this weekend. Pick up your pumpkins and get some great grub. See y’all there.


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July 16, 2012

The day I bought the food truck…

Flew into Miami Beach BOAC. Well, not quite. I flew Air Tran to Ft. Lauderdale to buy my first food truck.  😀

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Here We Go

Join our family as we go into the food truck business. We will always have a vegan and gluten free menu option. Below is what the truck looked like when we got it.

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